Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Making a Custom Dress Form

The Paper Mache Method
Many of us desire to have a custom dress form with our exact measurements and shape to help with draping and fitting issues. Like many, I have tried all of them and found one that is economical, fast and very durable. 
The results are as follows.

The Duct Tape Double – was too sticky for pins. It starts to droop and ‘melt’ after some time, especially if your sewing room is warm.

The Styrofoam Double – was very messy to make, and ‘grew’ no matter how carefully the foam was applied. It was also very flimsy to use.

The Adjustable Consumer Form – has open spaces no matter what size you are with no way to pin or fit your pattern where it is crucial to fit.

The Paper Mache Method – has very accurate results. I was surprised that the finished measurements matched mine EXACTLY! It was quick to make (within one hour), inexpensive, pinnable, and retains your true body shape. Finally, an affordable body double that fits!

The Paper Mache Method was developed by Connie Crawford, Fashion Patterns by Coni, after researching the professional dress form method and several other custom form processes. If your body shape changes, this method is SEW fast and economical that a new form can be easily made whenever a new body size is needed.

Pictured here are two incomplete Paper Mache Methods in their rough forms. The openings need to be reinforced and then stabilized on the inside. After which they will be stuffed and mounted on a stand. Finally they will be covered with a custom fitted shoulder princess seam muslin cover.

They look like very shapely ladies!

If you would like your own Body Double, contact me to schedule your wrap!

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